Misfit Data Science

I'm a little unconventional, hence the misfit title, but my insights and delivered products are high quality. I work to engineer data science solutions and web applications for non-profits, government entities, and small businesses. If you fit into any of those categories, lets get in touch and see what successes we can create together.
Note: The posts and material on this website reflect my own thoughts and not the organizations I may be affiliated with.

Thoughts For the Week of April 27th - May 2nd

If you're living on the planet right now, everything seems to be off its rocker. 2020 really did show up to show us it wanted to be remembered. My world has revolved around drinking my weight in coffee per day and finishing my spring semester. Though all of this mess I have been forutnate enough to have no family members or peers contract this nasty virus. I hope you're living the same reality. If you aren't, stay strong for those who need it.